SKETCH Hong Kong 於 20167117日在太古廣場2層 (Kelly & Walsh書店附近)、及72030日在3812畫廊(香港西營盤皇后大道西118號地下)舉辦SKETCH Hong Kong 2016作品展,展覽由Miele全力支持,展出超過50件出自本地業餘速寫畫家手筆速寫作品。參加者運用多樣的繪畫工具,從多角度描繪了香港著名的歷史性地標,記錄了香港獨特的文化生活方式。是次展覽透過這些精彩的速寫作品,讓過去兩年SKETCH Hong Kong的參加者、藝術愛好者和公眾共同分享美好的本地回憶和故事。展覽作品售價為每張港幣380 (連畫框一套為港幣580)所售收益將全額撥捐香港美術教育協會。如有任何查詢,請致電 +852 2688 6608

SKETCH Hong Kong is proud to announce its major charity exhibition in 2016 –  SKETCH Hong Kong Exhibition 2016, supported by Miele, which was held at Level 2, Pacific Place (near Kelly & Walsh) from 1st to 17th July, 2016, followed by the second installment from 20th to 30th July at 3812 Gallery (G/F, 118 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong). Over 50 sketches by local amateur sketchers were on view, highlighting their application of various painting tools, portraying Hong Kong historic landmarks and different cultural lifestyles. All the sketchers who participated in SKETCH Hong Kong in the past two years, art lovers and the general public will be able to enjoy the fond memories and stories through these beautiful sketches. The sketches are on offer at HK$380 (HK$580 per set with framing), and the sales proceeds will benefit Hong Kong Society for Education in Art. For details,, please contact+852 2688 6608.