Event #4: Hollywood Road
July 12 2014 / 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Guest Speaker: Mr. Cheng Po Hung

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Hollywood Road

Hollywood Road is among the first batch of roads built to connect to Queen’s Road West in 1841. The section at the west of Possession Street was named “Gap Road” until the late 19th century.

Tai Tat Tei (Sheung Wan Flea Market)

On January 26, 1841, the national flag of the United Kingdom was first hoisted by the Royal Navy at Possession Point, west of Possession Street. Thus was marked the beginning of the official British occupation of Hong Kong Island. Since the 1870s, Possession Point gradually evolved to be an open public space known locally as “Tai Tat Tei” (lit. “Sheung Wan Flea Market”), which has now been transformed into the Hollywood Road Park.

Po Yee Street

Cemetery Street was located above Possession Point. Later renamed Po Yan Street, in 1872,the Tung Wah Hospital was established there. Opposite to the hospital was Station Street, where the first police station was situated. In 1864, the police station was relocated to the eastern end of Hollywood Road, and Station Street was renamed Po Yee Street.

In 1900, there was “Hei Loi Garden” next to the “Tai Tat Tei” (Sheung Wan Flea Market). Tents would be set up for short film screenings for local residents.

West of the former Queen’s College on Hollywood Road (later rebuilt as the Police Married Quarters in 1951), there had long been settlements for the Chinese. In recent years, the area has seen a gradual “westernisation”, and is now recognised as an extension of the SoHo area.

Man Mo Temple

In the 1840s, the Man Mo Temple was completed on Hollywood Road, and the road was endowed with the nickname “Man Mo Temple Street”. In 1880, Man Mo Temple Free School was established next to the temple, on Ladder Street.